15 new beer on tap

Wayfarer’s Ale Society and Brewery

located in Port Williams N.S. at the Warf on the Cornwallis River

Wayfarer’s One Eye IPA

IPA – five hop varieties added at five different stages creating a truly unique beer with a lot of attitude. ABV 6.2%  IBU 50

Wayfarer’s Hellene

A slender blonde ale of German lineage brewed with Pilsner malt and Continental hops. Much to young to be bitter; a really light, refreshing beer for those hot summer days. ABV 4.2%        IBU 17

Wayfarer’s Thistle Dew

Scottish Ale (not a Scotch Ale); a malty ale with a low hop profile. ABV 4.8%   IBU 20

Wayfarer’s EPA

Traditional English Pale Ale with touch of bitterness. Flavorful enough that you could drink it flat and warm but not be served that way. ABV 5%  IBU 30


Big Spruce Brewing

located in Nyanza on Cape Breton Island just west of Baddeck.

Ready Yer Knot  …. Regatta Red Ale

Brewed in the Irish tradition, this smooth tasting beer is remarkably easy to drink. Well balanced hop additions compliment a malty mouth feel and make this a perfect go to red ale. IBU 22  ABV: 5%

Tim’s Dirty American IPA

This is an occasional one-off beer we brew in honor of Brewnoser Tim Gregory, who won our inaugural Homebrew Challenge in December 2013. Heavily dry hopped with Simcoe hops, this is a well balanced, caramel rich, deeply aromatic beer. We brew and release this as and when we can get a hold of the rare Simcoe hop!

ABV 6.4%  IBU 69


Creemore Springs Lot 9 Pilsner

located in Creemore Springs Ontario

Creemore Springs Lot 9 Pilsner

This golden Pilsner was grafted to honour the founders of Creemore , determined folk who turned a rugged patch of land called Lot  9 into some of the most prosperous crops around. Medium body and a sweet, rich malt flavor with a refreshing balanced hop finish. ABV 4.7%      IBU 20



located in Dartmouth N.S. Moosehead Breweries


This ale was brewed in honour of former brewmaster Joseph Clancy, this traditional ale is medium bodied and brewed with roasted malts. With a distinct chocolate and coffee aroma, Clancy’s will leave you with a hint of caramel and fleeting bitterness. ABV 5% IBU 14



Located Cidery Bulmer’s, Heineken UK

Strongbow British Dry Cider

Clear gold in colour with a thin head; aromas of apple, brown sugar and cinnamon on the nose. The palate is light with lively carbonation and subtle sweetness followed by a short and crisp finish. ABV 5.3%


School House Brewery

located in Windsor Nova Scotia

Principal Pale Ale

is an ‘aromatic’ pale ale; having an aroma similar to an IPA but with the approachability of an American Pale Ale. Highlighting hop flavour and aroma without overdoing bitterness, the Principal has a light body and crisp finish which makes it a very refreshing beer. 4.5% ABV 20 IBU

Scotian Export

True to style, Scotian Export is a deep copper in colour, has a rich mouthfeel and malty flavors and aromas. The Scotian Export has a medium-bodied mouthfeel and low carbonation which allows the malt flavours to fully develop along with subtle hints of vanilla and oak. Scotian Export is always brewed with 100% local and organic hops. 5% ABV  15 IBU

Staffroom Stout

While it’s cascading, rich black colour will be familiar to Stout enthusiasts, ours is decidedly different. The addition of 40 liters of cold-brewed coffee from our neighbours at T.A.N. Coffee yields a nose of expresso, which leads to rich flavours of chocolate and coffee roast. Flaked oats provide a well-balanced body, leaving only a mild bitterness on the finish. At > 3% coffee by volume, Staffroom Stout is still quite session able at 5.5 ABV  40 IBU

Skratch Plaskett

Our first true collaboration beer with our friends at Good Robot is a tribute to the nature of music festivals and the artist that grace them. Skratch Plaskett is an easy drinking, pale gold summer patio beer with tropical notes of mango and citrus, finishing with slight wheat notes. Scratch Plaskett is also gluten reduced beer. 5.8% ABV 25 IBU


Nine Locks Brewery

located in Dartmouth

Nine Locks Fathom

Fathom is an epic orange gold hazy Double IPA. It has an intense hoppy aroma featuring citrus, melon and floral components leading to a strong orange and stone fruit flavours that finish soft and dry.     8% ABV           90 IBU

Nine Locks Cream Ale

This amber coloured brew is smooth and full bodied. At 15 IBUs the beer finishes only mildly bitter, and is quite easy drinking at 5.2% ABV.